“Stranger Things” Just Got Stranger


If you’re looking for something to binge-watch this Halloween season, I recommend taking a look at Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things,” which recently released its explosive second season, after the first season’s tremendous popularity.

The show picks up one year later from when Will Byers was saved from the “Upside Down,” the dark and dangerous alternate dimension mirroring the town of Hawkins, Indiana. Just when everything seemed as if things were going back to normal in Hawkins, Will begins seeing visions from the Upside Down, but there is some creature in the sky, eventually named the Shadow Monster. These visions, or “now memories,” as they are called, worry Will’s friends and family, fearing that Will is once again in severe danger.

While Will is having one of his terrifying visions, his mother and friends try to snap him out of his petrified state.

As the season progresses, it is revealed that Will was infected with some virus during his captivity in the Upside Down, which has now implanted itself in his body and makes him feel whatever it wants him to. Inevitably, Will’s friends Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and newcomer Max, put all of their AV Club minds together to come up with a solution to save Will from the Shadow Monster. At the same time, Will’s mother Joyce, her boyfriend Bob, and Chief Hopper attempt to decipher the meaning of Will’s visions in order to destroy them. Also, the tag-team of Mike’s sister Nancy, and Will’s brother Jonathan are back together again in search of justice for Nancy’s friend Barb, who was killed in the Upside Down the previous year.

Does it feel like someone is missing? Who can forget about Eleven, the mysterious heroine of season one? Chief Hopper has taken El under his wing and is secretly taking care of her in order to protect her from the scientists of Hawkins’ Lab. During the second season, El searches for her family. She finds out the location of her Mama, and during her visit El realizes that she has a sister, another young girl that was experimented on during her time at the lab. El’s journey with her family is certainly one that you won’t want to miss.

Sophomore Penelope A. is a huge fan of the show and hopes to see a lot of action in season 3.

Many students were overjoyed with how the second season of the show turned out. Sophomore Austin C. said, “Season two had to meet the high expectations of season one, and the season definitely surpassed mine. In season one they had to introduce the narrative, but in season two the intensity kicked in.” Sophomore Penelope A. agrees with this opinion. She said, “‘Stranger Things 2’ was definitely more thrilling than the first season. I was surprised by many of the things that happened and I’m really looking forward to season three!”

It is safe to say that the second season of “Stranger Things” is just as good as the first, possibly topping it. The intensity of season two was taken to a deeper level. As the whole crew works together to figure out what is wrong with Will, relationships are tested and new inexplicable discoveries are made. So, can the gang beat the clock and save Will before the danger from the Upside Down takes over once and for all? You better watch to find out!

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