Not So “Happy Death Day”


The new horror movie “Happy Death Day”  is about a murdered college student repeating her birthday  over and over again. This terrifying loop will only end when she discovers her killer’s identity.

“Happy Death Day” was a 10-year-old script that Blumhouse Production revived after having been shelved for ten years. Blumhouse Production has been responsible for many low budget thrilling movies like “The Purge.”

On her birthday, Tree (the main character) was killed by an anonymous person. Filled with the shock and pain of death, she finds herself in a boy’s dorm repeating what she had previously experienced. After this, Tree starts going through the possible suspects who might have killed her.

Most Jericho students have a favorable opinion of the film. (Image courtesy of Universal Pictures).

After watching the trailer I immediately made the decision to go see the movie. It was very realistic, showing how a bad-tempered college girl matures. In the movie, Tree keeps dying and begins a Monday over and over again, but she doesn’t have unlimited lives. Every time Tree dies, her injuries don’t just disappear, instead they make her weaker every time she starts the day over again. Junior Feng Tang Z. said, “I think this movie seems to give a relatively fresh feeling of an interesting plot, and the setting feels very good.”

The movie was really funny because of Tree’s personality and what she would do to find out who is killing her. The humor outweighs the horror and makes the movie seem like a comedy at some points. The director tried to make the movie more suspenseful, but not everyone likes surprise attacks. Sophomore Tina Q. said, “I don’t like scary movies doing surprises when it is just nothing. While I can see some of the flaws in the movie,  I do like Tree’s personality.”

Overall, I would rate this movie four stars. This movie is best for people who don’t like horror movies, but still enjoy a little surprise. However, if you love horror movies, it may be too childish.

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