Jericho Atrium Gets a New Look


The shops at the Atrium on North Broadway are getting a new look, which has become a topic of conversation amongst many members of the Jericho community. 

The store front of Pet Valu is going through major renovations and looks as if it is closed which inconveniences the company’s business.

Realty company Kimco bought back the Jericho Atrium and the stores next to it for $29.75 million  this past April. The company also owns the Milleridge Inn and Village, as well as the Jericho Commons which features popular stores such as Whole Foods and Starbucks. The establishments affected by the construction include Marshalls, Market Bistro, Kimera Salon, and Beyond Bagels. The construction company CTL has been hired to make the finished product look like the neighboring shopping center the Jericho Commons.The stores will have new features such as an overhang on the sidewalk to keep customers dry during rainy weather.

Erica V., an 8-year worker at Kimera Salon, has mixed feelings about the renovations which began on August 15th. While she noted that some customers struggle to find the entrance, she said, “I don’t think that construction has affected business that much.”  All of the stores are open during the makeover despite the work going on around the store fronts.  This may make business a little slower as there are many competing shopping centers in the area including the Broadway Mall, Westbury shopping center, and Crescent Plaza. 

Cafe Dolcé Vita employee Jeff thinks the renovations will be positive. He doesn’t think business has slowed down at the conjoined Italian food restaurant and pizzeria that locals love. He said, “The renovations have made working a little bit more difficult.” However, he is excited for the the stores to look more attractive.

An East Birchwood resident and shopper Melissa G. said, “ I think that the renovations will make shopping easier, and the stores look nicer.” She is a frequent shopper at Marshalls and enjoys eating at Market Bistro. She also said, “ I hope the renovations will be completed quickly because  it is a little bit of an eyesore driving by it everyday.”

Freshmen Lauren B. shops at Marshalls often and said, “I have seen the renovations and it is not that distracting, and is only a little construction.”

The construction on the Kimco-owned property is set to be completed this winter.

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  • Melissa
    2 January 2018 at 12:04 pm - Reply

    Great article. Glad the renovation is finally complete and it looks great.


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