• JV Girls Soccer Squad Strives On

    by - Oct 18, 2017
    By RACHEL SCHREIBSTEIN and LAUREN STEINBERGER The Jericho High School JV girls soccer team continues to work hard with a smaller than usual squad of only 14. On Wednesday, October 4th, the team beat Great Neck...
  • Self-esteem’s High and Low Marks

    by - Sep 28, 2017
    By LAUREN STEINBERGER, ALEXA ALBICOCCO, and EMILY NELSON There is a proven connection between academic achievement and self-esteem. We decided to explore this topic since we all have experiences with this in our very high-achieving academically-focused...
  • Having a Say about the New Chick-Fil-A

    by - Mar 13, 2017
    The chain, Chick-Fil-A, recently opened up in Hicksville, New York. Students and teachers at Jericho High School shared their opinions on the company’s anti-gay and anti same-sex marriage beliefs.   Media not working? Click here....Read More
  • Sweet Safety

    by - Nov 28, 2016
    By LAUREN STEINBERGER While most people love Halloween candy, others fear it. Many are concerned that the candy kids receive and consume may not be safe.  Most parents check their children’s candy after trick-or-treating. Jericho Freshman Luke...