• “Harvey” Cast and Crew Help with Hurricane Relief

    by - Oct 24, 2017
    By LARRY DING and JASON CHOI The damage caused in Houston by Hurricane Harvey is well known and even rivals Hurricane Sandy in terms of destruction. As with previous natural disasters, there has been a flood...
  • Jericho Needs to Chill

    by - Nov 3, 2016
    By SOPHIA ZARIFOPOULOS Although there is excitement at the beginning of the school year, there is also a certain dread that comes along with the intense September heat. Currently, air conditioning is limited to administration offices, the library, the nurse’s office,...
  • 40 Things to Do Before You Graduate: The Countdown Continues

    by - Apr 6, 2016
    By RACHEL HIRSCHHEIMER and RYAN KAMBER There are many things seniors have not experienced during their 4 years at Jericho High School. With so few days remaining, seniors are taking on the ultimate bucket list of what to do...
  • The Most Youthful Chef on the Bloch

    by - Mar 15, 2016
    By MAYA MASHEB Former “Teen Chopped” contestant and senior Tyler Bloch recently instructed a cooking class at the Williams-Sonoma store in the Walt Whitman Mall. Tyler’s love for cooking began about five years ago, when he...
  • Break Binge Bonanza

    by - Feb 13, 2015
    By SAM NEWMAN I know we hate to admit it, but our lives are consumed by ceaseless celebrity gossip, barrages of new television shows with plots that seem to sound exactly the same, endless processions of superhero...
  • Students’ Opinions Are Sound on Texting and Driving

    by - Feb 5, 2015
    By ALEXANDRA NOLAN In a recent JerEcho online and anonymous survey, Jericho High School students were asked about their texting and driving habits and their views on this pressing issue. Of the 107 survey respondents, only...
  • The Ultimate Black Friday Profile

    by - Dec 16, 2014
    By AMELIA BAUMANN Black Friday is synonymous with images of insane, sales-obsessed shoppers doing whatever it takes for discounts. However, these overly excited customers are not the only characters you will find on Black Friday. Here are descriptions of some...
  • Halloween Week 2014 at Jericho High School

    by - Nov 21, 2014
    By AMELIA BAUMANN and MARIA GRAFAS Jericho High School celebrated Halloween with its very first Halloween Spirit Week. During this five day celebration, students were encouraged to dress up according to each day’s given theme. Click here...
  • Senior Promposals 2014

    by - Jun 24, 2014
    By KELLY SMITH As the 2013-2014 school year comes to an end, the Jericho High School seniors have made lasting memories with their clever and creative promposals....Read More
  • Senior Journalists Say Goodbye

    by - Jun 17, 2014
    By ALEX MARSHALL As the 2013-2014 school year comes to a close, JerEcho seniors reflect on their experiences and look toward their futures. Photos not visible? Click here. Click on any photo to view the gallery...