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  • Taking Caution Against Allergies

    by - Apr 26, 2017
    By JORDANA PEARLMAN Over the past few years throughout New York State, policies have been put in place in order to ensure the safety for all students with food allergies. New York State does not have...
  • AP Seminar Takes Its Course

    by - Apr 25, 2017
    By RACHEL SCHREIBSTEIN The College Board’s relatively new AP Seminar course will be offered to tenth grade students for the first time at Jericho High School during the 2017-2018 school year. AP Seminar was introduced by...
  • Jericho’s Science Olympiad Team Makes States

    by - Apr 7, 2017
    By CAROLINE CHEN Jericho High School’s Science Olympiad Team A placed 2nd out 44 teams at the Nassau East Division C Regional Science Olympiad Competition at Wantagh High School. The team will be competing at the...
  • “Anything Goes” Coming Soon

    by - Mar 7, 2017
    Jericho High School Harlequin Players present “Anything Goes” March 9-11. Here is a preview of the performance.  ...Read More
  • Let the Battles Begin

    by - Feb 2, 2017
    By JAYDEN KUPFERMAN and LEETAL PREZELMAYER Jericho High School experienced its first ever breakout, an event during which Student Council surprised the student body with sweets to kick off this year’s Battle of the Classes competition....
  • Clowns Create Chaos

    by - Jan 30, 2017
    By ALEXA ALBICOCCO The recent clown sighting phenomenon has impacted some Long Island neighborhoods, but so far has not touched Jericho. However, that hasn’t kept students and staff from being cautious and aware. According to reports...
  • Selfless Seniors Serve Volleyball

    by - Jan 12, 2017
    By SPENCER RUSSELL The Jericho boys volleyball team flew under the radar with a successful fall season. While most fans were preoccupied with the abrupt ending of the soccer season, the volleyball team gained momentum heading into...
  • Science in the Studio

    by - Jan 10, 2017
    By MARIAM KHAN Jericho High School Earth Science students recently took a tour of the News12 studio in Woodbury and learned about the broadcast reporting of meteorology. Students took a walking tour of the studio, and their...
  • Autumn Athletics

    by - Jan 4, 2017
    By JORDANA PEARLMAN With many exciting wins and some upsetting losses, from late August through early November Jericho varsity athletes worked very hard while playing the sports they love. The Jericho girls varsity tennis team finished in...
  • Homecoming 2.0

    by - Nov 30, 2016
    By JACKI SANDS and GABRIELLE KATZ A plan for modifying Homecoming Weekend has frequently been considered in the past, and will now be implemented due to a variety of reasons that include low high school student turnout,...