Humans of Jericho

  • Humans of Jericho Holiday Edition 2015

    by - Feb 8, 2016
    By KATHERINE NERI In this edition of Humans of Jericho, we focus on the exciting ways Jericho students and staff celebrate the holiday season. Media not working? Click here....Read More
  • Humans of Jericho: Senior Edition

    by - Jan 27, 2016
    By BELA KIRPALANI In this new feature of our Humans of Jericho series, we explore what it is like to be a senior at Jericho High School. Here are some of this year’s extraordinary seniors.    ...
  • Humans of Jericho: Holiday Edition

    by - Dec 19, 2014
    By AMANDA DAMON and CARLY LAPIDUS This installment of “Humans of Jericho“ explores Jericho High School’s varying perspectives on the holiday season.   Photos not working? Click here....Read More
  • Humans of Jericho: Success Edition

    by - Nov 10, 2014
    By AMANDA DAMON, CARLY LAPIDUS, and REBECCA SIMON Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s blog, “Humans of New York,” the JerEcho has created its own ongoing feature dubbed “Humans of Jericho: Success Edition.” This feature aims to explore how Jericho High...
  • Humans of Jericho

    by - Nov 18, 2013
    By TAYLOR KANG, ALANNA LEVINE, and BEN KRONENGOLD Brandon Stanton’s blog “Humans of New York” has garnered an impressive following over the past few years through its exploration of the fascinating population of New York City. The JerEcho...