“Messages from the Editors” Archive

2016-2017 Editor-in-Chief Nick Albicocco

Hello to JerEcho readers of all shapes and sizes,

It has been a blast being the Editor-in-Chief for the last 9 months. From the time I joined the JerEcho club in the 9th grade, I yearned to hold this position. As the year wraps up, I can say that under my leadership, the JerEcho has reached unforeseen levels of greatness. Nearly one hundred pieces of fantastic journalism were published, and many of them won awards. Even better, a massive group of journalists have set themselves up for success for the future, whether that’s in college or in Ms. Valenza ‘s New Media Communications class (which you should definitely take before you graduate).

I leave with one final message. The JerEcho is not fake news.

That is all for this year.


Nick Albicocco


2015-2016 Editor-in-Chief Rachel Hirschheimer

October 2015

Hello JerEcho Readers,

I am excited to take on the role as Editor-in-Chief of the JerEcho. I have wanted this position ever since 9th grade and I am excited to have the opportunity to run the newspaper. Journalism has always been in my blood. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt of becoming a broadcast journalist. When I enrolled into the journalism class at Jericho in 10th grade, I promised myself I would somehow stand out. After the publication of my first report, my ambition and passion  grew immensely.

This year, the JerEcho has already reported on controversial issues and important topics concerning your overall experiences at Jericho. We look forward to an eventful and informative year of reporting news to the community.

Welcome to a new era of news. The year has just begun.

For JerEcho News,

This is Rachel Hirschheimer


2014-2015 Editor-in-Chief Taylor Kang

October 2014

Dear WordPress Friends, Virtual Vagrants, and Space Cowboys alike:

You were bombarded with a similar message a little over a year ago: Welcome to the new JerEcho! So for fear of sounding repetitive, welcome to the new and improved JerEcho!

Some handholding may be in order. As you may have noticed, we have created two new sections: JPOV, or Jericho Point of View, for our feminist treatises and environmental editorials, and The Hill, the JerEcho’s first online arts magazine, both of which we are eager to expand and see grow as the years pass and seniors graduate. Our new WordPress theme on the whole allows for a much more immersive and lively news experience – rotating images, scrolling articles, and tickers galore! Please be sure to commend our tireless staff – in particular our Executive Editor Sam Newman and Junior Managing Editor/Web Master Chloe Citron – in the halls, or even via the site.

We hope to see more of you this year through all of the promposals, Snapchat-centric investigations, and punny JerUh-Oh articles. Join us, contact us, and most importantly, visit us.

In the (paraphrased) words of the beloved Edward R. Murrow, goodbye, and good luck.


Taylor Kang



2013-2014 Editor-in-Chief Chloe Shakin

September 2013

Dear Jericho community members, students, faculty members, and hopeless web wanderers,

Welcome to the new JerEcho! Since its inception some 50-odd years ago, Jericho High School’s student-run newspaper has been constantly evolving. The paper made the transition to an exclusively online news site only four years ago, which was a pretty drastic change. However, this year we’ve finally left our prehistoric web software in the dust with the dinosaurs and have moved onto bigger and better things, namely WordPress.

The production of this website would have been impossible without the help of our webmaster, Sam Newman. Our “WordPress for Dummies” book went largely untouched due to his patient guidance and WordPress finesse.

Lots of (virtual) blood, sweat, and tears have gone into producing this site. After many a night spent furiously editing some of the exceptional pieces in this edition, the fruit of our delirious labor is ready for your review.

We look forward to a great year, during which we will supply you with news about every pep rally, school play, and graduation party that comes our way. We could not be prouder of our dedicated staff of editors and contributors for helping make this issue a success, and we eagerly anticipate improving our site even more as the year progresses.

Thank you so much for choosing the JerEcho. Please enjoy!


Chloe Shakin


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