Our Mission and Ethical Principles


Our Mission: The JerEcho is an online news source that dedicates itself to providing multi-media news coverage of the Jericho High School community.  Our goal is to serve and inform our readers with newsworthy stories.  We report news stories with the utmost honor and dedication. Truth is what we are after; heat and light are what we provide.FEJReporterGraphicsmall_0[1] Acceptable and Unacceptable Examples of Ethical Journalism Unacceptable: Amanda Ridder was seen running across the parking lot, talking madly to herself and crying.  It is speculated from an unknown source that she was having a panic attack about her upcoming calculus exam.

  • This except from a faux article shows many violations to common journalistic principles for many reasons.  First, the reporter clearly didn’t check who the subject was because of the misspelling of the last name Ritter.  Next, by stating that the source is unknown, it immediately delegitimizes any facts in the article.

funAcceptable: Amanda Ritter was seen running across the parking lot this morning.  Ben Kronengold, a student in the class who saw this event transpire, said, “I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was literally outside running in circles without shoes on crying about Physics.  It was crazy.”  According to the school nurse, Ms. Reschef, Ritter was having a mental breakdown and has calmed down since this morning.

  • This except is an acceptable article to be published for many reasons.  It has the correct spelling of all sources mentioned in the piece, as well as the subject.  It has credible sources, along with quotations that legitimatize the event.

Rules to Abide by:

  1. Always check that your sources are credible.
  2. NEVER manipulate information.
  3. Make sure your first amendment (freedom of speech and press) is never violated when doing a story.
  4. Check with your editor about any questions or concerns you have (visit the staff page for editors).

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

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